The Best Country Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Do you want your eat in to feel like you are almost living outdoors? Freshen and lighten it up so it can be called one of the best ones ever seen. Oh and don’t forget to make your it the best smelling one ever!

I’m not a renounced decorator or anything, however I do get a lot of compliments on the way I decorate. I certainly cannot take all the credit as my mom was the best woman of decor ever (in my opinion). I wish mom was still around so she could give me some pointers because she always kept up on the latest trends.

Mom always loved the country kitchen. My favorite was when she did her kitchen in apples. She had apples everywhere. That is what her last kitchen looked like before she became sick with Alzheimer’s.

What you need to do if you want a country kitchen is to find your theme first. It can be grapes, apples, pears, roosters, cows, pigs, herbs, corn, or anything country. That is what you need to start with.

I will base this around my mom’s kitchen done in apples. Although I took the grapevine route, I’m doing this as a tribute to my mom who just passed away two weeks ago.

She started collecting everything in apples. Now she wasn’t rich by any means in the monetary sense so she did a lot of thrift store hunting and garage saling. She decorated her entire house by going to thrift stores and garage sales. Of course the family soon caught on and started giving her apples galore from everything mother’s day and Christmas to every birthday. Sometimes she would have to get rid of old ones to fit the new ones in.

You’ll be surprised that when someone knows you are into something you’ll start accumulating gifts of these very things on many occasions.

So that is what you do is start with your theme. As I stated she started collecting everything apples and then it just fell into place. Just about anything country would go with the apples. She had wax apples sitting around, apple pictures, apple figurines and went from there. She then painted her cabinets green to match the apple leaves and the background of the cabinets were a country white.

Then she went and got apple wall paper to match. The bottom of her kitchen was done in a country wood paneling and the top was done with an off white paint and wall paper border. It was beautiful. She had flowers that matched (usually red and green). She would set little boxes around and fill them with the waxed apples. She had apple candles that she didn’t burn but they were gifts and she was worried about her cats, so she would just take the lid off. They were expensive candles because I used to sell home decor and I would get half off so I’d buy her the best smelling apple candles I could find. You could just walk in the room and smell the apple scent.

Another thing you can do is add herbs. Dried herbs go with about anything. In the summer, or other times of the year if you live in a good climate you can grow the herbs outside. When the herbs get full size you can cut them and hang them upside down in your kitchen and let them dry. Any herbs will do, but I especially like the long hanging good smell of spearmint and rosemary. The combination of the two give off a great scent as they are drying as well as after they are dry.

Another great idea, is to just grow the herbs inside your kitchen. You can have fresh herbs all year around and you don’t have to dry them ever, if you don’t want. I’ve never done this before, but I’ve been in several places that do, and it’s wonderful.

Herbs go great in any country kitchen whether they are fresh or dry. It’s easy to find the best smelling herbs because if they smell good when they are planted, they will smell good when they are dried.

Another thing you can do is add potpourri. You can set it right over your vents, if you have floor vents and it will circulate the smell all over the house. My favorite is mulberry and of course apple spice. Lavender is better for the bathroom, but if you like it, then go ahead and put it in your kitchen for a clean fresh smell.

For tips on how to hang the herbs you can use clothes line or fishing line. Tie it from one corner of the kitchen to the other and hang them to dry. They will look nice and smell nice. Then after they are dry, you can disperse them about anywhere. You can put them in decorative boxes (tall ones) or vases.

Ideally if you have a vase that is ceramic you can paint your theme right on it. You can find easy how to’s on the internet or find books in the library under crafts, that will show you different painting ideas. Basic craft painting is easier than it looks.

You can also just hang the herbs in a montage right on the wall itself.

I hope you can see the big picture of the apples sitting all around and the good country fresh scents. Don’t forget about the fresh ones too. Apples are good for you.

I didn’t want to take my mom’s theme so I chose grapes in my kitchen. I have grape vine wall paper and grape border. I went with more of a country Mexican theme and used a lot of Mexican pottery.

So find your theme, and go from there. It’s all about what you can see and smell that makes a country fresh kitchen.