The Choice of Oneness: Returning Home

My spiritual quest fell in place when I understood that reincarnation allows my conscious choice and action for a total relationship with God. This commitment provides the means to release past destruction, self-centered motivation and reaction to the tangible world surrounding me. I tried to use the principles of Jesus for forty-five years. This is another chance.

First, learning to focus on God, the worry, fear, doubts, and skepticism diminished. Faith and trust replaced the emptiness. Over time, I moved from the tornado into its peaceful eye of serenity.

When pain overwhelmed me, I fell on my knees and asked for help. Going within was something I avoided like a child afraid of the dark. Now the priority was an assessment of my dis-ease or obstacles, known as “My will be done” which blocks God’s connection.

Realizing that “I reap what I sow”, a personal inventory showed what was happening, not what I thought was happening. Fooling myself doing good deeds to compensate for untold guilt and shame needed to change. Although I didn’t want to believe it, I had barriers (this life and past ones). It became time to work on “self.”

Praying for assistance brought my openness for truthful solutions. Opportunities for biological and physical balance happened in appropriate sequence. Help to replace my misperceptions, alter defensive communication, and discard false beliefs, fear, and anger appeared with funds to support the work. I found no time, money, or energy are excuses to not search for truth.

With prayers and meditation, I located accepting environments with permission to talk honestly. Secrets no longer supported suffering and dis-ease. As I trusted my true feelings with others, I became more comfortable inside.

Ready to put 100% faith and trust in God instead of people, places, and things of the past, I visualized childhood perceptions and resentments with false beliefs sailing away in the basket of a hot-air balloon. This willingness initiated action to continue the path home. Edgar Cayce is the Father of Holistic Health. He has many readings available to people on health issues. One of his famous quotes is, “Do it”.

Supported by my best friend, God, I took responsibility for my thinking, feelings, and behaviors. I claimed my inheritance as perfect, protected, loved, and safe in God’s image. Self-defensive walls fell like the walls of Jericho. As Edgar Cayce says, “The mind is the builder.” It became time to build a foundation of truth.

Self-searching, prayer and meditation showed me that resisting God’s will is the pain and problem. I need to cooperate with God, letting go of obstructions. Jesus said, “Satan get thee behind me.”

Meditating in the Great Pyramid last May, I discovered my channel cleared. I love to talk, teach workshops and counsel sharing tools that turn on the light in darkness to grow beyond fear and other blockage.

My forgiving Creator gives me opportunities to correct my mistakes, improve my motives, clear debris of negative emotions and attitudes. I stay in dis-ease by not replacing fear with His Love. Forgiveness heals; it puts me at-ease–rational, loving, and honest. When I respond in God’s will, “Thy Will Be Done”, I’m home.

A few of Cayce’s quotes that support this spiritual journey to return home are:

1.(At-onement) is making selfs will one with the Creative Forces. 262-45

2.All souls were created in the beginning, and are finding their way back to whence

they came. 3744-4

3.For without passing through each and every stage of development there is not the correct vibration to become one with the Creator. 900-16

4.There is no shortcut to a consciousness of the God-Force. It is part of your own consciousness, but it cannot be realized by the simple desire to do so. Too often there is a tendency to want H and expect it without applying the spiritual truth through the medium of mental processes. This is the only way to reach the gate. There are no shortcuts in metaphysics, no matter what is said by those who see visions, interpret numbers, or read the stars. These may find urges, but they do not rule the will. Life is learned within self. You don t profess it; you learn it. 5392-1

The path of our experiences leads us back to our oneness from where we began. What a trip!