The Recipe for a Great Backyard

Don’t we all want a backyard we can enjoy and be proud to share with family and friends?  Evanston area homeowners feel the same way and are quickly finding ways to achieve a great backyard with outdoor kitchens, modern fireplaces, and a ton of style. 

Creating a lawn of your dreams can seem a bit daunting.  Where to begin, how to get the results you want, and the areas to focus on are all questions many people have.  Let’s keep it simple.  Achieving an Evanston backyard of your dreams is as easy as baking a cake.  Ok, maybe not that quick but you get the point.  Follow these recipe directions and you will be enjoying a fantastic backyard in no time at all (maybe even with a piece of cake)!

Add an Outdoor Kitchen–For homeowners in Evanston, outdoor kitchens are one of the trendiest “must-haves” in the lawn & garden industry today.   This project can be scaled to size depending on your personal budget and backyard space. 

Mix in Comfortable Seating–Having a place for guests to sit for a friendly conversation or delicious meal is a must.  Consider a couch made for 2 or additional seating around a fireplace hearth. 

Don’t Forget the Greens – Don’t forget to add some of nature’s bounty to your space as well.  Lush greeneries and flowers can bring in color, scent, and depth to your patio area.   Plants can also be used to create pathways and define seating and entertaining areas.

Stir In Lighting – Ambient and task lighting are both critical to a safe and comfortable outdoor space.  Use overhead or stakes lights to illuminate pathways or offer lighting in the outdoor kitchen.  Ambient lights are a great way to highlight your home’s architectural features.

Top It Off With Some Color – Tying in color can complete the look of any area in the home both inside and out.  Try a hot color combination in your space or bring in your favorite colors using pillows, furniture cushions, or even a bright, new grill now found in many bold colors.

Heat It Up – One of the most popular traditions in the backyard is the fireplace or fire pit.  This feature is one that can be suited to a person’s personal style and now come in a countless number of styles, sizes, and price ranges.  Whether you are looking for a modern unit or a rustic pit, heating it up in the backyard is important.

Creating a lawn that is perfect for your family really is an attainable goal if you follow this recipe for success.  Don’t be afraid to omit ingredients where needed.  If your Evanston property is on a smaller lot following the outdoor kitchens trend may not be the best move.   Or you may find that a fireplace doesn’t fit into your family lifestyle; try substituting it for something else.  No matter where your tastes and priorities lie, creating an area in which you can relax and enjoy life should be the ultimate goal.  Having a space to learn, love, and grow is a gift to be treasured.