Tips on Remodeling Your Basement

There are many projects that people complete in their homes on their own. One of the projects that most people are willing to tackle on their own is remodeling a basement. This type of project seems less intimidating to most people because you are not dealing with plumbing issues that you have in kitchens and bathrooms, and the starting space is usually just an opened large room. With an open large space to start with remodeling a basement does not usually involve a demolition phase that goes along with other remodeling jobs.

One of the first things to do when remodeling a basement is to draw up a plan. You do not have to be an architect to develop a simple outline of what you want in the area. In remodeling a basement you should inquiry about the building codes in your geographical area. Most areas have specific codes regarding the size and type of windows that need to be installed, especially in bedrooms. This may not seem like a big issue, however at the time of resale, or if you are financing the project you may run into problems. The requirement for the size and style of windows also depends upon how many exits are available. The main concern is that people can evacuate the area in case of a fire.

In remodeling a basement you may want to start with a water sealant on the walls. This will help prevent water damage to sheetrock or paneling. Many areas have issues with dampness and water in lower levels of homes. You should assess and treat any water issues prior to remodeling a basement, so that you do not have to make costly repairs at a later time. If you have a home that has water issues only certain times of the year, or during heavy rain it might be best to include removable floor coverings. If your floor coverings are removable they can be taken up during the problem times without being damaged. A good solution for damp or wet floors when remodeling a basement is to paint the concrete floor with a color of paint the fits into your color scheme. Then place an area rug or carpet remnant on the floor. The painted floor can act as a border for the carpet, much as hardwood floors do. There are a number of high quality concrete paints available on the market in a variety of colors.

Remodeling a basement can be an inexpensive way to add room as well as value to your home. The remodeling project can be done as a family and can be a fun experience. When you start with a plan and consider the goals you want to achieve remodeling a basement can create a new expansion to your home for living and entertaining.