Top 5 Unusual Home Furnishings

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they keep their home. The things that they surround themselves with are a dead giveaway as to where their passions lie. For instance, in my home you’ll find a whole gallery wall devoted to history and another to horror movies. Historical items and horror movie memorabilia may not be everybody’s glass of sweet tea, but it works just fine for my family. With that said, here’s a quick rundown on five of the most unusual home furnishing options available:

1. Death Becomes You

Looking to channel your inner Morticia or Uncle Fester? Casket Furniture is the place to go. They’ll let you dig up a coffin shaped coffee table ($4,500) and pair it with coffin shaped end tables ($700), a Gothic entertainment center ($3,900) and a coffin shaped phone booth ($2,600). Of course there is even a coffin shaped bed ($3,200) available. Those that like to entertain might even want to invest in a coffin shaped poker table ($4,800) with a set of Karnival Dead Eyes ($6) playing cards.

2. Skateboard Chic

Those with a passion for four wheels and a board have a lot of skateboard inspired furnishing options to choose from. Skate Study House offers wall clocks and coat racks made from skateboard wheels. There is also an array of skateboard lamps, tables, chairs, couches, book shelves and coffee tables to roll through as well. Still not enough gnar for you? You can always add skateboard inspired mirrors, back splashes, stair cases and ceiling fans for a more definitive touch. Prices for skateboard inspired furniture tend to start at $600.

3. Shop-a-holic Sanctuary

Consider yourself a shop-a-holic? Why not surround yourself with recycled, metal, shopping cart chairs by Annie? You can pick one up online for $550. Prefer plastic? There are also plastic shopping cart tables, chairs, lamps and swings available as well through Los Angeles based artist Ramon Coronado. Seeing his work reminded me of the furniture I made out of milk crates for my first apartment. It was all I could afford at the time and I paired it with leftover Christmas lights and candles for lighting. Ah, memories!

4. Wheelie Inventive

Who says skateboarders should have all the fun? There is an entire collection of home furnishings made from bicycles that are yours for the taking. You can purchase everything from bicycle inspired couches to tables, bar stools, coat racks and lamps. In my opinion, some of the best bicycle furnishing options are available through Bike Furniture Design. The company even makes furniture out of motorcycle parts in case you like your bike with some horsepower behind it.

5. Fore a Duffer’s Delight

Golfers rejoice! There is a collection of funky furniture for you too. Uncommon Goods sells a unique rocking chair ($280) made from golf clubs that would look smashing next to a “Friends” style golf club end table and a golf bag lamp ($60). Throw down some indoor/outdoor carpeting first and you’ll have a complete duffer’s delight on your hands.

Killeen Gonzalez enjoys completing home improvement and décor projects with her family. She also has a penchant for odd architecture and design.

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