Top Flash Sale Site Becomes Favorite Amongst Interior Designers

Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 24, 2012

Many new visitors see all of the fantastic fashion flash sale offers has listed and mistakenly come to believe that this site is just about clothing and apparel. While it is true that does have a lot of great fashion flash sale offers, it also lists feeds from many home decor flash sale websites.

In fact, many interior designers use the great deals on to offer their customers. They find that they can save their customers money and get them more home fashion items on than they can from the average home flash sale site. This is great because it helps interior designers serve their customers better, it helps's partners, and it helps

Interior designers don't just visit for the great prices either.'s easy browsing format helps save interior designers time on finding the best home fashions. The experts at have created an advanced category system which gives users the ability to quickly and easily search through home decor feeds without having to worry about wading through clothing, accessory, and travel feeds. has found that interior designers aren't the only ones who benefit from the home flash sale sites listed on their site. Everyday homeowners are also buying and even sharing a wide range of home decor items from's home fashion feeds. Homeowners love the fact that they can click the share button to share their favorite home designs with their Facebook friends. The “share button” makes shopping through's home decor areas much more social and much more fun.

The other great benefit both interior designers as well as everyday homeowners get from is the fact that aggregates feeds from a wide variety of flash sale websites. They pull feeds from all of the top home decor flash sale sites and filter out all the poorly run home decor flash sale sites. This ensures that a wide range of people and personalities will always find something they would like to put in their home.

Once their homes are fully decorated, homeowners can go ahead and look through the fashion and travel feeds to find even more great deals. Many people have found that the money they saved on decorating their homes gave them enough to book a trip or buy several new outfits.

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