Understanding The Usage Of Home Wind Power

Do it yourself wind power kits are suggested if you want to use home wind power to power your residence or small business. You need a generator and a backup battery so you dont run out of power if there is a not sufficient wind to power your system. This means that aside from the turbines, youll need a wind generator and a backup battery pack. There are many do it yourself wind power kits on the market today and can be found by searching the internet. Its easier than you might think to build a windmill in your backyard.

The maximum output of a regular home wind power turbine that you can buy at a store is 36 mph. Realistically speaking; its highly unlikely that an area has that kind of wind all year around. This is what makes the height of the homemade windmill crucial to its success. It has to be no lower than ten feet in the air, excluding the turbines blades.

There are some space and height restrictions when it comes to building a home wind power tower. You will need to consult your local building and safety department or city planning department to find out about their codes as well. Aside from the minimum height of the home windmill turbine, the blades should have no obstructions. This means that any high rise buildings or trees around your area could affect the way the blades get energy. If there are any obstructions near your home, the only option you have is to build the tower higher. This is perhaps the reason why homemade wind power systems are much more common in rural areas where there is a lot of open space. Not only is it easier to build a windmill out in open country; it can be more efficient as well. However, there is no reason why one couldnt build a home windmill in an urban setting. All it takes is some careful planning. Be prepared to take out your calculator because youll be doing a lot of calculating. Again, you can find the calculations youll need to make on many websites including www.doityourselfwindpower.com. In the city, many utility companies will buy back any of the extra electricity that your homemade windmill makes. In essence, you are creating your own tiny power company. In the end, its all worth it because of the money youll be saving by creating your own electricity and also the help youre giving to the environment.