Unique Christmas Decoration Themes

Christmas themes don’t have to be a snooze fest. Try something daring and fun this year.

A Very Goth Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like a stone gargoyle in a Santa hat. Don’t be afraid to have a goth Christmas. The juxtaposition alone is sure to put you in a holiday mood. Those who are looking for goth Christmas décor should head over to their local Hot Topic or comb their local Spencers. Yes, real goths are upset about Hot Topic commercializing their angst, but I’m just not emo enough to care. Hot Topic is often the only place a burgeoning goth can go in a small town. If not, there’s always the internet. Any color combo is good for this style of Christmas decoration, but black will generally be involved somehow.

Goth Christmas Theme Suggestions:

–Two words: Jack Skellington.

–Also, Christmas themed fairies with an attitude.

–Very long, horizontal stripped stockings with very pointy toes.

Art Deco Theme or A Very Vintage Christmas

I dig the Deco. You can mix the Art Deco theme with a Paris theme if you’d like, because that’s where Art Deco came from. Or you can mix it up with a little Art Nouveau. I like this Green Fairy Ornament from Café Press. I also love Kyle Designs ornaments online selection. While not precisely deco, they can be a jumping off place design wise. You can also get away with mixing in some of his craftsmen-style ornaments. Don’t be limited to the Art Deco period. Really you can take any era or style and make it Christmasy. You can have a vintage Christmas based on the 30s 40s or 50s.

Art Deco Christmas Theme Suggestions:

This site on old Christmas lights gives me ideas as to what features to look for in modern lights.

–Get an Eiffel Tower and festoon it with lights instead of a Christmas Tree.

–Use Art Deco style wrapping paper, or use Deco designs to make your own ornaments.

Kitsch Christmas Decoration

This is a bit like a vintage Christmas, only you don’t take things so seriously.

Kitsch Christmas Theme Suggestions:

–You’re actually looking for bad taste. There’s tons of vintage kitsch, so I’d start with local vintage and thrift shops.

— If you don’t have a local Urban Outfitters, I’d head to their site. They actually have a framed Elvis painting ornament. Genius.

–You can go for general kitsch or you can go with a particular kitsch theme-Kitsch Christmas 1950s or A Charlie Brown Kitschmas.

Buddhist Christmas Decoration

I know, I know, the Buddha and Christ are supposed to be like Macy’s and Gimble’s. But there are Buddhist Christians out there. They worship Christ, but they think Buddha’s tenants are worth following.

Buddhist Christmas Theme Suggestions:

–Buddha Statue in a Santa’s Hat. Buddha had a sense of humor. Plus he was all about giving. (In particular the chubby version, who tended to carry a sack and give things to children)

–Use orange instead of red and use red as an accent. Take your cue from the Buddhist robes and throw a little Christmas Cheer in. You can use actual oranges in your decoration by seeding them with cloves in various designs. You can hang them with ribbon.

–The Wheel of the Dharma isn’t just about reaching enlightenment-it also makes for a nice Christmas Ornament.

Victorian Christmas Decoration

The Victorian era gets romanticized a lot. I’m all for it. After all, who really wants to churn their own butter or wear a corset. Every day. Not just for a change. So the Victorian Christmas I’m taking about is the one you see on greeting cards, not the one where you sweat a lot and can’t breathe.

Victorian Christmas Theme Suggestions:

–Victorians were really into Christmas. So there’s a ton of Victorian inspired Christmas stuff out there. Try this site to get you started.

–It’s really easy to find lots of greeting cards with a Victorian theme. Victorians practically invented the greeting card, and they went crazy with it. Cut out the images and use them as ornaments.

–Have a blast and crowd Christmas cheer on to every available surface. It’s the Victorian Way.

Urban Christmas Decoration

I am tired of Country Christmas Decoration. It’s just been played. If it fits with your style, why not head in a different direction: the Urban Christmas. It’s really easy to choose alternate colors with an Urban Christmas; you don’t have worry about matching it with much. You can go all purple, blue or even pink in the Christmas style.

Urban Christmas Theme Suggestions:

–Get a minimalist Christmas tree. Urban is minimalist but dramatic. Take a look at this Christmas tree from Apartment Therapy.

–If your apartment is urban, go ahead and tastefully place Christmas lights around furnishings, at the ceiling or around exposed beams. Less is more with this look, so go with single color or dual colored lights.

–This is not a Victorian Christmas, so don’t go crazy. The Urban Christmas is about choosing a few things to remind you that it’s Christmas, so don’t cover every surface in holiday cheer. Pillows, in your chosen color, are a great way to pull it all together.

Christmas with an Indian Flair

They probably don’t celebrate Christmas the same way in other countries. I don’t know if that’s news to you, even if it isn’t, it might not have occurred to you that you can swipe foreign Christmas traditions and Christmas décor. Just plug in the country name and Christmas to google and you’ll have a place to start.

India-style Christmas Theme Suggestions:

–Use Indian textiles that are used for saris in creative ways. Make or buy a Christmas tree skirt out of the fabric or make Christmas stocking out of it as well.

–Mango leaves can be used to decorate instead of pine. In fact mango or banana trees are decorated in India, in lieu of the usual Christmas tree.

–Decorate your sitar (because I know you have one) with holiday garland.

Mix up your Christmas Decoration and Themes

Finally, mix things up a bit. Have a kitsch goth Christmas, or urban India-style Christmas. Some things don’t work well together (like the Urban Victorian Christmas) but you can have a lot of fun trying.