Victorian Decorating Ideas

The Victorian era refers to the time when Queen Victoria reigned over England. The years between 1837 to 1901 were when England was gaining in terms of wealth and prosperity owing to industrialization. People in this era were classy, sophisticated and elegant. They were extremely fashion-conscious and loved to display their wealth through their clothes, houses and living. Victorian style home decorating is a reflection of all the things mentioned here i.e. richness and high society living. So all those people who are considering introducing some Victorian elements in their house or are planning to decorate their entire house on these lines, here are some useful ideas.

The Windows of Bet Giorgis, Lalibela, Ethiopia


When painting the interior walls of the house, Victorians preferred using traditional colors such as red, emerald, dark brown and amber. These colors were very much in vogue during that time as they helped in giving the home a dramatic effect which most people in that era liked. So you can consider doing the same.

The color schemes used for the main rooms such as living, bedroom, library, etc. are all formed by using pastel shades such as light purple, pink, light green, light blue and peach. These can be combined with darker shades of the same color for added effect.


The woodwork in a Victorian house has to be painted in darker shades such as purple brown, hunter’s green, etc. From the period 1880 to 1890, the wooden windows, doors, stairs began to be painted in white color to give the houses a feel of being more airy and relaxed. So another idea is to paint such wooden things in your house in white and enhance its impact by using some artificial lighting near them.


The furniture should be of grained wood finish. The chairs and couches should be overstuffed and give a plump, comfortable look. The rooms should be full of small lamp tables, side-boards and display cabinets, as they were very popularly used and found in plenty in all houses during that era.


The flooring just like the woodwork should be in dark color and preferably made of wood. On the floor you can throw a variety of rugs on which varied designs of flowers and birds are woven. Rugs with peacocks were extremely famous during the Victorian era as this colorful bird was considered a symbol of beauty during those times. So an interesting tip is to decorate the floor with rugs which have a peacock design on them.


Victorian homes are known for their excessive use of accessories. Some of the popularly used accessories which you can include in your home are antique items, Victorian era prints, dried flowers, seashells and pebbles, porcelain dogs and painted plates. Victorian style houses are incomplete without some beautiful brass lighting fixtures so do not forget to use them in your décor too.


Use materials such as silk, lace, brocade and velvet for curtains. The curtains of this era were heavy and covered full length from ceiling to the floor. You can do the same and match the color of the curtains with that of the walls to make the room appear bigger than it is. Also, decorate your house with a plethora of embroidery laden pillows, rugs, and throws, placed at a number of places to lend it a true Victorian look.

These ideas are not easy to implement as you need a substantial budget to get the right look. Also, Victorian style decorating is meant only for larger homes as smaller houses may look cluttered with such heavy fabric and accessories. Only if both these things are in place you should consider this home decorating style.