What Became of Robin Hartl, Dean Johnson’s Best Hometime Wife

Dean Johnson, the man of many ex-wives though he was never married to any of them. It was a sad day when my personal favorite turned in her TV wedding band and moved on with her life. Robin Hartl was the dream wife for any Do-it-Yourself home remodel enthusiast. Smart, Savvy, not afraid to get right in there with the best of them when it comes to actually getting your hands dirty. Don’t forget she cleaned up really well too.

Robin came onto the Hometime set back in 1992, as Dean’s forth wife in the series she quickly rose to the top as far as female co-hosts go. The premise of a husband and wife team was established for the show from the start to better reflect what a married couple would go through during a major remodeling project. Living with disrupted kitchen facilities, bathrooms that are disassembled, and garages that are jamb packed with construction materials.

Since her leaving the program the series has changed format to include real live home owners during their remodel project giving Dean a more realistic General Contractor appearance throughout the show.

Robin has been less visible on the airwaves for good reason. During her last couple of years of taping the show she was also attending Interior Design school. It is reported on the Hometime Website that she is working for a Twin Cities company the Anoka Design Studios. Working with clients as they chose the finish materials for their new homes. She is also working with builders designing display homes.

Information is somewhat out of date as her website www.robinhartl.com has appearances dated only through 2007. Even her infomercials for Little Giant Ladders seems to have vanished from the silver screen. Like so many TV personalities it appears her star is fading away.

Robin’s predecessors have moved on with their lives as well wife #1, Peggy Knapp went on to win numerous TV awards, #2, JoAnne Liebeler is still active in TV, and #3, Susanne Egli works for a communications consulting firm.

Dean Johnson, at age 55, continues to maintain a pretty young co-host with Miriam Johnson. It may have appeared that Robin was ousted to bring a family member into her position on the show. In reality Miriam Johnson is in no way related to Dean, and is just the latest in the string of pretty young co-hosts to be paired up with the now almost white haired original host of Hometime.