What do you look for in a Youtube makeup guru?

I'm going to start making videos on Youtube, so I'm wondering what you're looking for. Do you like product reviews, hauls, tutorials, OOTD's, videos talking about current trends, DIY's or do you like someone who does all of those? How often would you like videos to be uploaded? What are some generic videos that you think everyone who does makeup videos should have (ex- “no makeup makeup” or “how to contour & highlight”)?

I recommend going to check out this site:


You should definitely have a large variety of videos! Hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, nail tutorials, OOTD, OOTW, DIY, hauls (but only occasionally!), product reviews (review products that are either REALLY good, or REALLY bad), tags, what's in my purse, fashion tips, etc.

Everyone who does makeup videos should have:

-smokey eye look

-natural/everyday look

-a celebrity inspired makeup tutorial

Some of my favorite beauty gurus are:







You should check them out for inspiration!

Let me know what your channel is, I'll go check it out!