What is home automation?

In a nutshell, home automation is when you buy or alter something for the home to be controlled either remotely or automatically. It can range in price and difficulty depending on what and how much you choose to automate.


One of the most popular things to automate are lighting and fans. You can now purchase remote controlled lights and fans from most home appliance stores.


Home Theater

You may be used to foraging through a pile of remotes to turn on the TV, the cable, the DVD player and your sound system. However, you can purchase one universal remote that will easily control all of these things.


Another good example of a system that is already somewhat automated is your thermostat. Now you can also control it remotely from another room or even, in some cases, from your cell phone so the temperature is comfortable the minute you get home.


Automated security is, perhaps, the biggest advantage to home automation. You can access cameras remotely and even automatically program your system to alert you and the authorities if an alarm is triggered.

Total Control

For those with bigger budgets, you can install advanced controllers that will control nearly every electronic aspect of your home from lighting to entertainment to the temperature of your refrigerator.


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