What To Look For In A Remodeling Warranty

Just like new cars, new homes come with warranties that cover items such as construction, appliances, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and major structural concerns such as your home’s roof and siding. Home remodels also come with warranties that cover the work performed and materials used in a home addition or remodel. States individually mandate minimum warranty laws on new home construction and home remodels, in order to help protect both consumers and contractors.

A home remodeling warranty ensures the homeowner is covered in the event that the construction and materials used are faulty or malfunction during a certain time frame, usually anywhere from one to two years. The warranty guarantees that the contractor will repair or replace any faulty construction or parts during the covered time period.

In fact, as a consumer you should think of your home remodeling warranty as the contractor’s guarantee when shopping around for a remodeling company for your home improvement project. If a contractor offers a two-year warranty instead of their state law’s minimum one-year warranty, for example, this is a positive sign that the contractor is willing to back their work for twice as long as is required because they’re confident in the quality of work they perform and their level of customer satisfaction.

Home Remodeling Company Search Tips

Begin by researching the home remodel warranty laws in your state and then strive to find a company that goes above and beyond what the law minimally requires.

For example, some states require all remodels performed in the state to be automatically backed by a one-year implied warranty that contractors must adhere to by law. The states also require contractors to warranty all items installed under their license for up to four years, and all major structural components to be under warranty for up to ten years. The four and ten year upper limits protect contractors from being forced to warranty their work beyond a reasonable time frame.

When looking for a remodeling contractor, home owners should ideally choose a company that warranties their work for more than one year, showing that they are confident in their work and willing to go above and beyond the minimum warranty requirements.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to one or two home remodel contractor choices, do some additional research on the company and past projects. Have any of your friends used them and what was their level of satisfaction? Do they offer testimonials on their website or provide you with a list of references if you request one? Finally, perform an independent Internet search to see what consumer reviews have to say about the company.