When To DIY Your Home Repairs

Australians love DIY home repairs as evidenced by the number of tools and repair supplies bought nationwide. According to a Tradie Trends Report published by Gumtree, 75% of homeowners attempt home repairs or renovations, but 20% of those have bungled it. In fact, repairing botched home repairs is quite a lucrative source of income for many tradespeople.

Saving money can be costly
Most homeowners go for DIY jobs as a cost-saving measure. When done correctly, there is no problem. Even after buying supplies and factoring in the time spent, a good repair job saves you money. But what happens if that small repair ends up being a large one?
Shoddy DIY jobs may not only result in more expensive repairs down the road, but also devalue your property when it is time to sell. Calling in the expert at the right time can save you money in the long run.
You can fix this
As a DIY enthusiast, there is no reason to get disheartened. If your first attempt at repair ends in disaster, you don’t need to throw out the tools just yet. Here are some tips to help you become an accomplished handyman or woman.
1. Consider taking some classes. If you are serious about home improvement, TAFE conducts many short building courses. You can also watch YouTube videos or tutorials before attempting a repair.

2. Watch a friend do repairs. If you have a friend who is handy with the tools, apprentice yourself to him/her for a while. Learning on the job is the easiest way to learn the tricks of the trade.
3. Buy only the basics. You only need a few hand and power tools to tackle beginner projects. As you feel more confident, you can add on to your tool kit.
4. Start small. Take on very small repair jobs or new projects to gain confidence and move on to more significant repairs. Regrouting wall tiles, fixing fly screens or downpipes, mending a fence etc. are simple jobs, perfect for a DIY beginner.
Know your limits
The main thing to remember when working on a home repair or renovation project is to call in the experts when things get out of your depth. Do not continue working once you feel overwhelmed as this could cost you more in the end. Tradespeople will find it easier to complete an unfinished project than to repair a botched job.
In spite of the challenges, DIY home repairs can be extremely satisfying and a great hobby. So why not take the plunge, get a small power drill and start on that project?