Which should be the characteristics for the Home Phone of the future ?

After the ePhone, does the Home Phone still have a future?

The home phone should be used at home, at your job, in a office, a practice or in your car !

Thank you for your answer !

the idea of home phone will change…

when you think home phone you still think landline… although VoIP services are gaining much ground, and many people now use IP type phone services at there home or office..

I believe that home phone services will remain some type of wired to the outside world connection – more then likely a variation of the VoIP services of today. I believe video will play a greater role in the future home phones.

I agree with the above answer that there will be much more integration with mobile devices, either, with phones that use your home (internet) connection when you are home, and some type of mobile wireless signal while you are away from home, or more advanced type of follow me services…

most of these services are available or already being tested..