why did someone make up 'nick nak patty whack, give the frog a loan, his old mans a rolling stone'?

don't ask me why I want to know, I have no clue. But, if anyone has any Ideas, just type them here please.

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The origional was :

This old man, he played one,

He played knick-knack on my thumb. (on a drum, on my tongue)

With a knick-knack, paddy whack,

Give a dog a bone,

This old man came rolling home.

Then someone made up a story about one of the Rolling Stones band:

a frog goes in to a bank, when he gets to the counter he sees the tellers name is, paddy whack.

the frog says, hello paddy whack, id like to borrow 3000 dollars, but its ok im kermit jagger the manager knows my dad.

paddy whack replied we need a garontour or some collatoral to hold on to…..

kermit gave her a small plastic pink elephant,

perplexed with this she said hold on im going to see the manager….

she said to the manager theres a frog out there wantin some money and gave me this…

yes replied the manager……

its a nick nack, paddy whack, give the frog a loan his old mans a rolling stone.

Funny it's not!


A frog goes into a bank in search of a loan. He approaches Patricia Wack who deals with the loans in this particular bank and says “Hi, I'd like a £10,000 loan as I am doing some home improvements and need some help financing them.” Patricia is a little bemused, as it is a frog asking for a loan, but she is a polite lady and so continues with the usual procedure: “We will need some form of collateral in order to issue you with a loan” The frog replies “I thought you might say that so I have brought something with me” and hands Patricia a small, pink, shiny china elephant (the likes of which you might find at a jumble sale). Patricia's bemusement grows: “I'm not sure that we can accept this, do you have any other form of collateral?” The frog appears mildly frustrated: “Come on, my father is Mick Jagger and all I only want a £10,000 loan.” So Patricia excuses herself and goes in search of the manager, when she finds him she explains the rather bizarre occurrences: “There's this frog asking me for a loan and he's given me this small, shiny, pink elephant as collateral – what am I supposed to do!?!” To this the manager replies: “It's a nick nack, Patty Wack. Give the frog a loan. His old man's a rolling stone.”

EDIT: sorry, should point out that “nick-nack” is UK English for a small ornament, such as you put on your mantlepiece.