Windows Server 2008 or Windows Home Server?

I'm interested in getting the 1TB HP Windows Home Server. However, I also have a license for Windows Server 2008. What are the advantages/disadvantages to each, and should I install Server 2008 over WHS?

home server is a special version of small business server 2003. It is designed to manage and replicate your data from all of your pc's in your home. You can not use a raid array of hard drives with it, you can only add additional drives as spares and hs automatically replicates your data as you desire or spans your data across all drives for max storage. It comes with a software plugin for your pc's that auto backs everything that you want backed up when you are not using it. The system is great for keeping all of your pics and music even vids backed up. You can even save everything to it and have it serve it to you on demand. HS takes very little resources to function because speed is not an issue for it's intention.

server 08 is MS's latest robust business server intended to serve data and applications to multiple users simultaneosly. You can use it to do the same things and more but it's over kill for home use. server 08 needs lots of resources to run properly. IE memory and cpu.

My opinion, unless you are a geek that loves high tech and you are willing to learn what to turn on in server 08 to get it to do what you want, go with HS.