Your Lifestyle

Fitting remodeling projects into your lifestyle is a trick sometimes, and if it interferes in any way, the enjoyment gets sucked right out. And you should always enjoy your DIY projects! If your project is, for instance, the kitchen, include the remodel even in your entertaining. Show your guests what you are doing as you go. They’ll love it. And you might even get a few to help next Saturday! Cover things with painters tarps, use the fridge in the garage and make a buffet table out of a sheet of plywood.

It’ll add excitement and when you do finish, they’ll feel like they were a part of it! Of course, you don’t want to be caught with your plumbing out of order or whatever. But, remodeling is done to improve your life. And, if you’re doing the work yourself, you’ll be seen as a multi-dimensional kind of person. Make the projects part (not in the way) of your lifestyle.